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Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - I'm researching my brother-in-law's roots. His great
grandparents and descendants are listed in the Rezekne Family Lists
database. Their names were Manka & Temka Lifschitz. The immigration
records show them coming >from Rezekne, and Manka's death record states
that he was born in Rezekne.

However, Temka's maiden name was Spilka, and wuk her Spilka relatives
are listed in the Rezenke Family database, her death record, and the US
naturalization records of her relatives, show that they were born in the
town of "Ostrov".

The closest town that I can find with that name, is Ostrov, Pskov, which
is in Russia, not in Latvia. This is a fair distance away. In 1900,
there were about 980 Jews living there.

I know that Ostrov is a fairly common name (Jewishgen states that there
about 100 towns with that name). Does anybody else have Latvian
descendants, who came >from such a town? I did search for that town's
name in the Latvian database, but there was barely any mention of a town
with such a name.

Thanks for any help.

Mark London
Natick, MA

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