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Jeff Canin <jeffcanin07@...>

Dear Latvia Group,

I'm trying to determine if my family in Latvia could have originally
come >from Spain or Portugal after the Jewish populations there were
expelled in the 1500s. My grandfather, Joseph Chanin (Hebrew spelling
would be chet nun yud nun) was born in Varaklani around 1872. The
English spelling for his name could be Hanin, Kanin, Khanin or Canin.
Joe always said he was Sephardic and the family originally came >from
Portugal, but I can't find any evidence that Jews >from Portugal made
it to Latvia. His father was Mendel Chanin and grandfather, born
around 1828 was Shmul Ber (Samuel) Chanin.

Are the Latvian Jews generally considered to be Sephardic?

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give me.

Warm regards,

Jeff Canin

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