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Alex Shapiro <alex@...>

There's no need to believe in legends. These days it's just enough to
make a DNA test which will clearly show your roots.
You might also want to contact the Jewish Museum in Riga, on 6 Skolas
Street. They have plenty of information on the origins of Latvian Jews,
without resorting to any legends.

Regarding the source of Lithuanian Jews, >from me conversations with the
expert on this issue, Rabbi Josef Radinsky of blessed memory, it seems
that Lithuanian Jews mostly came >from Poland, Russia, Latvia, Belarus
and... Persia (Iran).

Shana Tova,
Alexander David Shapiro
Houston, TX

My understanding is that the legends of Sephardic roots for Latvian
and Lithuanian Jews are of recent origin, likely late 19th century, as
part of the fad of inventing claims of Sephardic origin around that
time. I have not seen a single case with evidence before that time.
See also John M. Efron, German Jewry and the Allure of the Sephardic
(2015). Randy Schoenberg Los Angeles, CA

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