Latvia SIG #Latvia Receiving e-mails #latvia

Jo Ann Goldwater

Have there been any messages posted to Latvia SIG. I have not received
any since the reorganization of the General discussion group. I have
also not received any >from Litvack SIG or Courland SIG. Can someone
tell me what to do? Thanks.

Jo Ann Goldwater

MODERATOR NOTE: Thanks, Jo Ann. Yours is the first message that has come
in to the Latvia list for posting since 4 October. That was the date of
the last post to the Courland list, too. LitvakSIG has not had any
messages to post for about a week.

Ordinarily, we would refer questions like this to the Support Desk,, but since your question provided an opportunity
to answer a question that has been on a lot of people's minds, we are
taking this opportunity to post it. Please do not reply to the list,
as extended discussion of it is not genealogy and will not be posted.

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