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Subject: Lapidus Database
Date: Sunday, 02 August, 1998 4:12 PM

Dear Litvaksiggers,
For the past year our Lapidus Group have been researching
LAPIDUS/LAPIDES/LAPIDOS/LaPedes/LaPidus/LAPIDOTH etc families worldwide.
Thanks to everyone for all their help by contributing to this database.

If there are any more Lapidus' (all spellings) out there who would like
be part of the database , or get some Lapidus information >from us, please
could they contact me and I will be more than happy to help.
The database has the name of the Lapidus person, Shtetle they come from
date of birth/death (where known)

The earliest recorded Lapidus is 1770 and the most recent born is 1996.
There are 915 Lapidus names so far and more are coming in daily.

The purpose of this Database is to try to link some of the families. The
information on the Database is purely for people with Lapidus roots to
for furthering their family search, and cannot be put onto homepages or
Internet or published in any way as certain people are sensitive and
protective about their families.

Anne Lapedus Brest. Sandton South Africa.

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