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Below is an announcement >from the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel of
a Gala Dinner in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Rebirth of

Place: Ramat-Gan, Israel

Date: September 27, 1998


We are the witnesses to a unique event in the history of the Jewish people
and the whole world.

A nation exiled >from its homeland, dispersed and persecuted for almost
2000 years,

Stubbornly clinging to its beliefs and traditions, reestablished its
sovereignty over its ancient homeland. A tradition of submission,
nurtured in the Diaspora, was replaced with self respect and self
reliance. Israel, a modern dynamic country has reemerged on the rocky
barren hills and sandy shores of the Mediterranean. It was able to grow
and flourish in spite of the lack of natural resources and the enmity
of its neighbors, using brain and brawn to cover the deficiencies. It
has become the pride and the shield of the Jewish people all over the

Fifty years have passed since the extraordinary miraculous event. We,
the generation of rebirth, have decided to commemorate that special
occasion by convening a Gala Dinner for Lithuanian Jews >from all over
the world, to take place in Israel on September 27, 1998.

The event will take place at the Kefar Hamaccabiah in Ramat Gan, it
will include a full course dinner, a special program, and an additional
experience of renewing acquaintances among people with a mutual
background in our beautiful country.

Total cost per person $60.00.

Should you decide to join us (hopefully), we would appreciate you
sending a certified check in said amount, payable to "The Association
of Lithuanian Jews in Israel" to the address: 1, David Hamelech Bld.
Tel-Aviv 64953, Israel.

Hoping to see you soon in Israel, I remain

Sincerely Yours

Joseph A. Melamed


P.S. We are also planning a one day conducted tour of
Jerusalem on September 24. This tour will visit the main attractions of
the Holy City and we hope to have you take part in this very
interesting and educational experience. The cost of this tour will be
40.00$ including transportation and lunch.

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