Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Chelsea, MA Census #lithuania


All the discussion of the 1920 census for Chelsea, MA, which listed residents
as having come >from "Kovna" prompts me to comment about what a fortunate --
and unique -- situation existed with that census.

The official listing under "Place of Birth" was supposed to be only one's
country of origin.

I also have a page >from the 1920 Chelsea census containing the listing for my
father's first cousin, Samuel Berry (born Shmul Bastunski). On that page the
gubernia of origin is listed for almost all residents -- Vilna, Minsk, Volina
(Volyn), etc.

The enumerator was Florence Richmond, who, I have been told, was a teacher in
the area. Let's remember her warmly for bending the rules.

Judy Baston
San Francisco, CA

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