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Leonard Harris <cara@...>

Sorry if this is common knowledge to many, but in what guberniya and uyzed
is Klaipeda (formerly Memel)? I did not see it in the uyzed list. Please
reply directly to my e-mail address, or kindly send me a copy if you reply
to the list.

Thanks very much.

Brent Harris <cara@...>
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

COHEN - >from Gomel, Belarus --> Toronto
GINSBERG - >from Gomel, Belarus --> Toronto
HERSCOVITCH - >from Burdujeni, Romania --> Montreal
LAYMAN - >from Odessa, Ukraine --> Toronto
ORNSTEIN - >from Romania --> Montreal
PARADIES - >from Vilnius, Klaipeda & Skuodas, Lithuania; --> London
>from Liepaja, Latvia "
ROSENBLATT - >from Vienna, Austria --> Montreal
SCHULTZ - >from Vilnius, Lithuania --> London
SLAVUTSKY - >from Slavuta, Cherkassy & Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine --> London
SOLOMON - >from Suceava (formerly in Bukovina), Romania --> Montreal
WAHL - >from Suceava (formerly in Bukovina), Romania --> Montreal

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