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In response to Mort Cohen's confusion about revision lists, which is probably
shared by many digest subscribers, perhaps it is worth stating some of the
basic facts about revsion lists and how they work:

Revision lists were made every ten to fifteen years. These main revisions were
censuses of the entire population and are know as "General Revision Lists."
Most General Revision lists that are available are for the years 1816, 1834,
1850, and 1858 and some later years (with variations). Because of the complex
registration system which listed people in their "official" town of residence
instead of where they actually lived, people were often omitted >from the lists
in the years they were taken. Thus, there was a practice of making additions
and corrections to the lists in the years intervening, before the next general
revision was made. The lists for years such as 1876, 1859 etc. are these so-
called "additional revision lists." In comparison, they are of far less
genealogical value than the general revision lists, simply because they only
include the additions and corrections to the last general revision list. The
1858 revision list has been the first choice for the LitvakSIG project because
it is the most commonly available general revision list and has the greatest
potential for helping the most researchers.

Hope this answers some questions.

Eric Goldstein
Research Group Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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