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Abbreviated Biographical Summaries for these individuals follow.

Carol Coplin Baker (Moderation Chair) was born Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
BA in English >from University of Michigan. Divorced. 2 adult children,
2 grandchildren. Lives in Wellesley, Mass. Real Estate broker for 30
years and still active when not buried in the archives. She has been
researching her families >from Vegeriai and Gargzdiai since 1990. Board
Member of JGSGB (Greater Boston). Registration chair at 1996 seminar
in Boston. Carol was the first volunteer to take on uyezd research group
responsibilities, and has almost single-handedly been responsible for
the great success of the organization and fund raising for the Siauliai
uyezd research project.

Judith Langer Caplan (Publications Committee Chair) has begun
working as Co-Editor of the LitvakSIG Online Journal. Judi (BA in
English >from Brooklyn College, Masters in Mass Communications from
Syracuse University, and studied at Seminary College of JTS). has
taught in the NYC school system for 17 years. She is about to begin a
sabbatical year in which she will have a lot of time to devote to the
LitvakSIG Online Journal. Judi has published two articles in
AVOTAYNU, most recently "Another Surnamer Surfaces" (Winter 1998)
and is an internationally published poet and short story writer who ran
her own mini-publishing house, Judi-Isms. She has been researching
her extended families for the past six years, including: Her mother's in
Siauliai & Zagare, Lithuania, and Liepaja, Mitau, and Riga, Latvia, as
well as Suriname, Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, England; Her
father-in-law's in (probably) Keidaniai or Kvedarna and (probably)
Vieksniai or Sveksna, Lithuania; Her mother-in-law's in Skaiskalne,
Latvia & Birzhi, Lithuania; two families in Bauske, and Zeimelis,
Lithuania; and her daughter-in-law's in Poland and the ubiquitous

Peggy Mosinger Freedman earned a BA >from Washington University in
St. Louis, Missouri, is the mother of four, and currently lives in Atlanta,
Georgia. For the last ten years, she has been the office manager of her
husband's medical practice. Her interest in genealogy began with a
Hebrew School assignment. Serious work began in 1971 when a
German cousin requested information on missing relatives. Peggy is a
founding member and past president of the JGS of Georgia. Although
all of her husband's family is >from Lithuania, only her maternal
grandfather was born there. Other family lines are >from the United
States (an uncle was arrested for leading a parade on the Sabbath in
1858 in Belleville, Illinois), Latvia, Austria-Hungary, Baden, Germany
and Alsace, France. Peggy is a Cub Scout leader, a nursery school
substitute teacher, and active in her synagogue. On May 1, 1998 Peggy
was appointed as Treasurer and has clearly demonstrated her ability to
handle this responsibility.

Eric L. Goldstein has enthusiastically begun working as the Research
Group Coordinator. He holds a BA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
from Emory University (1992) and an MA in history >from the University
of Michigan, where he is now completing a Ph.D. in modern and
American Jewish history. For the past two decades, Eric has been
actively tracing his Litvak ancestors, who emigrated to the United States
in the 1880's and settled in those other great Jewish heartlands, Texas
and Louisiana. He made a research trip to Lithuania in 1997. Eric lives
in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife Cheryl Haas-Goldstein and will be
teaching in 1998-99 at Brooklyn College and Vassar College. Eric has
developed a very useful comprehensive table showing what uyezd and
guberniya each shtetl was in during the 19th Century.

Davida Noyek Handler Co-coordinator, LitvakSIG is a "third generation
Dublin- born, naturalized American Litvak" - living in Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, with her husband, Jim. Since 1984, she has documented her NW
Lithuanian lineage as far back as the mid-1700's, and looks forward to
finding even earlier documentation in her never-ending search. Her
grandfather, Daniel Zvi Noyek, came >from Uzventis, Lithuania. Davida
wrote and published a Noyek Family History in 1994. This was
distributed at the first international Noyek reunion, attended by 175 of
her wandering Litvak family >from seven countries. A follow-up article
was published in Avotaynu (Winter 1994.) Davida hopes to update
soon, and is currently working on a Handler book ... She has been
involved in music publishing, co-founded a translations company, and
has served on many boards. Reactivating LitvakSIG in 1997, with
enormous help and support >from co-coordinator David Hoffman in the
weeks before the Jewish Genealogical Conference in Paris, has been
a logical next step in the search for roots.

David Blass Hoffman, (BA, UCLA; MS, Yale; PhD in Human
Development and Family Studies, Cornell University) has been the
Co-Coordinator of the LitvakSIG for the past year. David and his wife,
Sonia, have been researching their families in Lithuania, Poland, Israel
and South Africa since 1990. They have organized cousins' group with
500 members around the world, which supports their genealogical
research and assists a family branch left behind in Russia emigrate to
the US. They publish a Family Newsletter with genealogical stories that
chronicle how each branch left Lithuania in the 1880's. David has traced
his maternal line back to Ariogala, in the early 1700's and his paternal
line to Vilna in the 1830's. David is a Clinical Psychologist, former
professor of Psychology and Public Health at FSU and UCLA, a
researcher and editor of professional journals and an author of
numerous books and articles. In a complete lifestyle turnaround, he now
is a part-time clinical psychologist and a full time genealogist.

Richard Hoffman, Reseda, CA, has been researching paternal and
maternal families off and on since 1977. Maternal grandmother's family
came >from Kalvarjia, Lithuania. Has compiled many genealogical, work
related and personal databases. His current on-going project is the
Chicago Tribune Obituary Index, which now has over 8000 entries. Has
present day relatives in United Kingdom, Israel, South America, United
States, Canada and Australia. Richard publishes four editions of a
Family Newsletter for the different branches of his family and maintains
a very large mailing list. Based on this combination of experience, we
feel he will make an excellent Membership Chair.

H. Elliott Lipschultz, MA History, MS Accounting, CPA. Self-Employed.
Born in Chicago, went to school in the North Shore suburb of Highland
Park, Mr. Lipschultz is a resident of Northbrook, Illinois and a frequent
extended visitor to Jerusalem. A lifelong student of history, Mr.
Lipschultz's graduate studies were in Great European Powers and the
Rise of Nationalisms in the Middle East. His screen name, Adoniram,
is a symbol of his interests in tax history and Jewish religious identities.
With over 25 years in genealogy and family history, he is interested in
the social-economic history of the"Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the
Kingdom of Poland" and genealogy's use in the teaching of history and
social science. For the past three months Elliott has been serving as the
Finance Chair.

Alan Loew, CPA (inactive) has a background including financial and
general management in the health care field as well as managing a
family business. Raised in NY/NJ area, Ala spent 40 years in Florida
and came to the Colorado mountains for a summer six years ago and
never left (other than to vacation elsewhere). He devotes most of his
time as a volunteer to non-profit organizations and is the Treasurer of
the Colorado JGS, Investment Club, Grand County Historical Assn,
Condo Assn, Grand County District Library Board among other roles.
Because of his extensive experience with the financial affairs of
non-profit organizations, we have asked Alan to join the Financial
Committee. Alan's researching his family that allegedly lived in
Lithuania until 1885-1890 era.

Harold Rhode, (LitvakSIG as Records Acquisition Chair,) is well known
to everyone involved in the Litvak world, as a researcher and author. He
is a past president of the JGSGW, has been researching his Litvak roots
for more than 20 years, and can trace his roots back to Rashi. His
gr-gr-gr-grandfather was the Moreh Tsedek of Kovna, i.e., the number
two on the Rabbinical court of the city. Harold says, "Researching has
been the key to my becoming more Jewish. I both suffer and benefit
from my Litvak traits, and would have stopped researching long ago, but
it has become an addiction." In real life, he is a former college
professor, now a political analyst at the Pentagon in Washington, DC,
where he specializes in Muslim affairs. Harold has published
extensively. Among his many credits are articles on Lithuanian research
in Avotaynu and a monograph co-authored with Dr. Sallyann Sack,
"Jewish Vital Records, Revision Lists and Other Jewish Holdings in the
Lithuanian Archives."

Anne Rothman is a Computer Consultant. She currently works at a
Help Desk predominately with an email package called Lotus Notes -
a database package and a couple of other things all rolled into one.
Anne has passed the first two tests for Lotus Notes Certification,
(System Administration 1 and Application Development 1.) Anne is also
experienced with Quattro Pro; Excel; Lotus 1,2,3; Access; Microsoft
Word and WordPerfect. She helps people create databases and
teaches people how to use different software applications. Anne is also
active in her synagogue, has taught Sunday school for many years, and
active in Hadassah. All of this experience and the fact that her Mom's
family is 75% Litvak led her to volunteer to serve the LitvakSIG as our
Database Manager. For the past few months she has been working
very hard to help create the "All Lithuania" Database, and serving as the
SIG "Traffic Cop," keeping track of all data which is being processed for

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