Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Uezd for Shirvint #lithuania

Joel Alpert <ALPERT@...>

Thanks for the offer, but I do not think that this message was intended for
me. Please recheck and if you think it is, send along the reference letter
to which you are responding. I am dealing with the Jurbarkas, Lithuania
(Yurburg) Yizkor book and also the Dokshitz book.


Dear Joel,

I have found that there are many Uezd research groups that
I must join/fund.Your list of towns includes Shirvint in the
first uchazstok. This is one of the few definite locations
I have for any of my immigrant ancestors,[actually a
colateral line]. Please consider this my pledge of $100.00.
The later you need the actual funds the better, since I
just sent money to the Panevezys group.

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