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Chana Luntz <heather@...>

In the All Lithuania Database there are references to "Kagan"
pp596-599 that contain names that of extreme interest to me - also to
"Cohen" p 15 and p19.

I don't know exactly what the titles of these two books are (and can't
seem to find them >from the database), although I was aware of their
existance, and at one stage tried to find a copy in Israel, but they did not
appear to be found either at the Hebrew University or anywhere else in
an Israeli library connected to the Hebrew University system. I gather
from the fact that the data is entered into the database that somebody
has a copy.

What I would really like, is a copy of these critical pages, and wondered
if whoever it was out there who had a copy would be able to copy
them and send them to me.

Short of that, perhaps somebody could tell me the full amount of
information found regarding:

LUNTZBen Tzion Avraham - Died 1862 in Rasein; Kagan p596 -
Survivors Found After WW2 - 1853 SiauliaiSiauliaiKovno

LUNTZBen Tzion Avraham - Alechsander- Kagan p598 -Survivors
Found After WW2

Are these the same person? Is the Aharon said to be the son of a
Benzion on p596 the son of the above? - how about the one on p599?

And also on:

EliezerZev ben Getzel ben Yechezke - Cohen p19 - Rabbi - Survivors
Found After WW2- SiauliaiSiauliaiKovno

LUNTZ Eliezer - Father of Hirshele; Cohen p15- Rabbi for almost 60
years until 1808- Survivors Found After WW2 - 1808

Are these the same person?



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