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Chana Luntz <heather@...>

Howard Mogol writes:

<<Based on records I have obtained >from the Lithuanian archives, and
contacts I
have had with a number of individuals looking for the name "Cohen", I
found that generally speaking the name in Lithuania was Kagan or Katz
than Cohen. I suggest that, in researching records, look for Kagan or
Katz as
well as Cohen. >>

Sorry to pick on you Howard, but a number of people seem to have made
the same mistake. My question does not relate to *researching of record
names* but two - what must be books in the All Lithuania Database. The
All Lithuania database has a field with lists its *source* of various
names. That is, somebody (presumably on this list, since I would have
thought that all the data submitters and enterers to the All Lithuania
Database would have been on this list) - has submitted these names and
given their Source as, in one case, Kagan, and in another case, Cohen.
Nowhere on the database, that I could find, however, was more detail
given about these documents, although lots of other documents were
described as being sources for the names. I think Saul Isseroff must be
right when he identifies Kagan as the book he named - especially as
somebody checked for me and the right names are on the right pages.

Cohen has to be a different book, a) the pages are different and b)
whoever it was who submitted the names clearly thought this book was by
somebody different. My *best* guess at the book is that it is "Koreh
shehayehudim be Shavli" by S Cohen, Kovno 1938. On the other hand, I
only know of this title by a handwritten (and difficult to read) note at
the top of one of the Luntz family trees I have collected (in fact one
faxed to me by Saul Isseroff). I am assuming that since this is a
different book >from Kagan, that it deals with Luntzs (alhough to what
extent I do not know), it matches the "Cohen" mentioned in the All
Lithuania Database. On the other hand, I have no way of being sure,
except to track down whoever it was who entered the data into the All

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