Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Anita Fischer's post on NOYEK #lithuania


Coming back on line following a 9 day down period, I'm happy to be in the
LitvakSIG world once more. I've missed being able to read the Digest,
participate in the discussions, and just getting to the projects which keep
mounting up.

It was particularly nice to read:

<< From: "Anita Fischer" <>

My local Jewish Paper published an article about a Dr. Arnold Noyek of
Toronto. I have seen this name on the Litvak list.

If someone wants a copy please email me privately and I can scan it and
send it to you.>>

Anita - Arnold is my second cousin, and I'd love to have a copy of the
article. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

A very happy and healthy New Year to all, and much success in our searches.

Davida Noyek Handler
Co-coordinator, LitvakSIG


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