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It was said shortly after Summer Jewish Genealogy Seminar that a "catalog" of
the holdings of Kaunas Archive would be completed shortly. Is there any
additional information concerning the catalog at this time.

I forwarded, a couple of months ago, several sets of records for the shtetl of
Krakes, I do not see them on the "All Lithuanian Database" nor have I received
any type of acknowledgement. What is going on with the database. These
records where send to me by either David or Davida or both about a year ago.
They have been submitted at least twice using differnet formats.

We could all use an update on what is going as now, such as status on the
purchase of archival materials by different Uyzed research groups, etc. The
information flow has been minimal as of late?? May just be the holidays,
which I hope everyone had an enjoyable and meaningful holiday time??

Hank Propp

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