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Norman Feldman <felvelnic@...>

As a consequence of Saul Issroff's thoughtful response to my questions on
this subject I think it may be important to correct his impressions about
Port Klaipeda.

I have received two direct messages that tell of ancestors who left from
Port Klaipeda. One went >from there to Bremen to England to South Africa in
1889 and the other >from Klaipeda to Hamburg to Liverpool to Canada in what
I guess was about the same time.Certainly,then, one may assume some of our
families used these routes to come to the US.

Saul added another possibility that I had wondered about and needed
information on. Denmark may have been a third link in the chain from
Klaipeda. It is also worth considering.

Although I would not anticipate the availability of records >from Klaipeda,
Hamburg and Denmark[I don't know its port yet] are both very good bets and,
depending on the time period, Bremen may also be.

I thank all that responded to my query this time. Some very important
information may have been unearthed.

Norman Feldman
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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