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Judith Diamond <j.diamond@...>

In reply to Norman Feldman, I am not aware of people leaving >from Klaipeda
(Memel) directly for America, although some ships may have left there for
other ports. Some of my relatives >from Dorbian (Darbenai),nearby,
left >from the port of Libau (Liepaja) in Latvia, not far up the coast >from >Klaipeda.
I think it is important to specify dates when we quote references or
anecdotes - I believe I have understood, >from previous mailings in this group,that direct boats to the US started at some time between 1904 and 1907.

I can tell you that my grandfather said in 1957 that he intended in 1893
to leave >from Memel. The intention was for him - with others - to be
smuggled over the border >from Lithuania to Memel, to travel by boat to
Stettin and then continue to the US >from there - whether direct or not I
do not know! It proved impossible for him to cross the border at that time
- and in the event he left a year later >from Libau by boat round the coast
to Stettin and thence to Copenhagen and Lund, Sweden - where he stayed.

He said that it was necessary to leave in the spring while the weather was
good. I do not know whether this was because the ports were not icefree in
winter, or the atlantic crossing was bad in winter.

Judith Diamond

from Latskova, NW Lithuania and surroundings.
LECHNER >from Czernowitz, HOROWITZ and HOLZER >from Krakow.

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