Lithuania SIG #Lithuania ENOUGH ON BEN AND BAT DISCUSSION #lithuania

Harold Rhode <hrhode@...>

Please, enough of this already. Why does everyone have to have an opinion here?

What is the purpose of what we are doing, personal power or getting the data out in
a useful form to the people.

Having dealt with these records for years, the easiest way to handle this is
(OPINION DELETED ) To anyone going back to the original sources
and who knows enough Russian to use them, it will be obvious how this works.

What is our goal? It thought it was to do genealogy. Let's end this silly
discussion, get the material out to the public, so that we all can use it.

Harold Rhode

Moderator's Note: This discussion was closed as of Sunday night but this
posting is being allowed because it represents a sound closure.
The opinion was edited out in all fairness to others who posted
after the deadline and whose messages were rejected.

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