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<< How does one live on $50.00 per day in NYC?

Norman Feldman

> * The NY conference will share jointly with the SIG in the costs.
> These costs include:
> -Airfare >from Europe to NY
> -Per Diem of $50/day (6 days)
> -Hotel accommodations for 5 nights including one Saturday
> at either end of the conference.
> >>
This is a reasonable question. We published the invitaton/offer by the NY
Seminar. It was somewhat different >from what the JGSLA provided in their
support in helping bring Vitalija to the Los Angeles. Aside >from slitting the
cost of the airfare the LA Seminar paid for four nights at the hotel
themselves. The SIG paid for seven additional days for consultations at the
Seminar, planning meetings and touring.

The LA Seminar also paid a more generous daily stipend entirely themselves but
for fewer days. Many of her meal costs were paid by individual members of the
SIG and also the SIG itself. The LitvakSIG paid her an honorarium for her
presentation at the Seminar. The Jewish Genealogy Societies in New York and
Washington paid all additional expenses for her visits to NY and DC where she
also gave talks.

We received a portion of the consultation fees and Vitalija worked very hard
during the entire Seminar (missing an opportunity to attend sessions.) As a
result the LitvakSIG basically covered the cost of her visit.

What the JGSNY is currently offering would not cover the cost of bringing an
archivist >from Lithuania. We haven't yet countered with any specific request.
The JGSNY is trying to help more SIGs bring a larger number of archivists to
their Seminar based on the success of the LA Seminar. But we haven't made any
final decisions about whether to invite someone or what we would ask that
person to do - we'd expect the development of some product or process similar
to the Catalog of the Jewish Holdings of the Kaunas Archives and have this
described at the Seminar.

Suggestions about this are welcome.

David Hoffman and Davida Noyek Handler
Co-Coordinators, LitvakSIG

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