Lemburg research #galicia

Sylvia Furshman Nusinov

After 10 years of researching my paternal Litvak roots I'm ready to tackle my
maternal Austrian branches of my family tree. I have secured copies of United
States Immigration and Passenger Lists, Naturalization papers, census and death
records re my Mother and my Grandparents, but I haven't - as yet - requested
documentation >from Austria.

Morris/Moses EHRENPREIS emigrated >from Lemburg, Austria in 1900, and returned to
Europe, returning again in 1901, accompanied by Clara/Klara AWNER/AVNER and my
mother Fanny/Perel. They arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, where they decided to
join other members of their family who had preceded them, making Baltimore their
home. There is another Passenger Manifest dated 1910, which lists the arrival
of Moses, Faivish/Phillip, Fanny, Klara and Karl/Carl.

Clara's brother Carl was killed in Belgium in World War I, age 18!

Members of their family - all >from Lemburg - residing in Baltimore - were

Question: On reviewing my files - I see that one manifest said that the nativity
of the family was Austria, Provence Croatia, and the mother tongue was Croatic.
Was this the language of Lemburg/Lviv/Vienna??

I had written to the Director of the Central State Archive of the Ukraine in
Lviv twice in 2000, but did not receive an answer either time, and didn't pursue
the query further.

Thank you for reading this far! <<GRIN>>


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