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I've written to Jay privately, encouraging him to join the Novoalexandrovsk
group and the LitvakSIG. Had he accessed our Webpage, research groups pages,
he could have looked up Panadel and found that it was in the Novoalexandrovsk
district and written to the coordinator of that reseach group for assistance.

If you have any other information to help him, write to him privately.

David Hoffman
Co-Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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Date: 1/11/99 2:55:52 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Jay.Freedman@... (Freedman, Jay)
To: dbh12345@... ('dbh12345@...')

My family came >from ponadel in lithuania and worshipped at the lubavitch
shul on everett ave in chelsea. they lived on vale street, which was 2
blocks >from walnut. the walnut street shul was also litvish. there were
many interrealtionships among the litvish. some of my family names were
gordon, leckart, ullian, selbovitz. any connections

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