Lithuania SIG #Lithuania volunteering to input data #lithuania

Feige Stern <fstern@...>

Dear All,

I want to thank all those who worked to hard to prepare and input the
new ALD. It's awesome!

I would like to volunteer to input data to the database. I'm afraid my
computer skills are not great, and that's why I didn't offer to help
earlier, but I think I can manage simple stuff.

Exactly what does one need to know how to do to be able to do the job?
Please let me know.

Feige Stern
Cleveland, OH

Researching: KOLOVARSKY/KLAVARSKY/KAUVAR, Seduva, Lithuania;
SILVERSTEIN, Rasseinai, Lithuania; NAFTEL, Rasseinai, Lithuania;
SCHENKER, Dankera, Latvia; MEYLACH, Latvia; HOFFMAN, Bessarabia;

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