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Lee Hover <lhover@...>

In my family, I have a 1st cousin of mine married to our mutual 1st cousin. The
wife's parents are 1st cousins, & her father's parents are 1st cousins. And
there are 1st cousin marriages going further back as well, into the early 1800s
in Lithuania. Amazingly, no recessive "bad" genes have surfaced in all this
time. Talk about the luck of the draw.


Looking for LAPIN, Kretinga, Lith; KLEIN, Hungary; MESSING, Ger & Warsaw,
Poland; MICHAELOWSKI, Poland

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Since the discussion of cousin marriages is not particular to Litvak genealogy, it would be more effective if messages on this topic were posted to the JewishGen Discussion group. Thread ended.

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