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Matt Singer <msinger@...>

I am searching for information regarding the village of NEUSTADT (now
MISTAUTAI acording the the Jewishgen shtetl-seeker) in Kovno Guberniya.
I am especially interested in the ethnic/cultural make up of the town.
According to my family's oral history, my great-great-grandfather Simon
SINGER were born and raised in "Germany"; my grandfather, David SINGER,
however, emigrated >from NEUSTADT, Lithuania, to Middletown,
Pennsylvania, c. 1890 No further explanation regarding this unlikely
immigration pattern has been passed down. One hypothesis: perhaps
NEUSTADT (as its name would indicate) was culturally German (possible,
since East Prusia extended across what is now northern Poland and into
extreme western Lithuania during much of the 19th century).

I would, at any rate, be grateful for any information or thoughts. Thank

P.S. I reside in Philadelphia, and a good number of my SINGER family
members still live in Central PA.

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