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I've also been wondering what happened to my family in
Lithuania after WWI. According to an elderly cousin, my
SNYDER family in Baltimore communicated frequently with our
SCHNEIDER cousins who remained in Lithuania, but all contact
was broken off after the Russian and Bolshevik Revolutions
and no more was ever heard >from them again. I've always
wondered what happened to them. I've checked the Russian
Counselar Records with no luck. Any other ideas?

Unfortunately, that elderly cousin is now deceased, so
I've lost a potential gold mine of information.
For me, this occurred at the beginning of my genealogy
research when I was a novice and didn't even know what to ask.
Not even the name of the shtetl they came from. (I've learned
it since then). All I can say is, "Oh well."

Steve Snyder
Reston, Virginia

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