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Is there a book or gazetteer or map with the town names with their OFFICIAL
Austro-Hungarian Empire names in GERMAN?
Yes, but it is worthwhile realizing that the place names used by the
Austro-Hungarian Empire were not always Germanized. While the town known as
Lwow by the Poles was called Lemberg by the Austrians, the Austrians used
other place names in forms established by the ethnic population of the area.
For example, Przemysl was the "official" Austrian place name, even though it
is an obvious non-German name.

Any map created in Austria during the 19th or pre-WWII 20th century will as
a matter of course use Austrian names unless intended for other markets or
purposes. The US Library of Congress has such a map (atlas, actually) on
microfilm, as do some other archives.

The reference I prefer to start with, however, is the "Gazetteer of the
Former Galicia and Bukowina" by Felix Gundacker. (Apparently it is now
titled the "Historical Gazetteer of Galicia and Bukowina") It was published
in paper covers about 1998 in Vienna and has explanatory materials in both
German and English. The Gazetteer is based upon 19th century atlases in
archives in Vienna and upon other supplemental materials. It is sold
through the Institute For Historical Family Research, of which Gundacker is
the General Manager. Their web site is (Click on the
Austrian or US flags to select German or English language versions of the

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