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Howard Margol

Jill Kamenetz<> wrote:

I am new to LitvakSIG, but I am having trouble contacting the people in
charge of Ponevezh Uyezd. I have written at least two emails to show my
interest in joining and I haven't been answered. Is this research group
still up and running? Could someone please advise me how to proceed? I
would really like to get more information on Birzai, Lithuania which was
in this district.
Contact Devera and Michael Witkin at <>. I am sure they will
be pleased to hear >from you.

If the Litvak SIG does not already have the 1834 Revision List (census), or
the 1887 Family List (census) for Birzai, as one of those involved in records
acquisition for the SIG, I can tell you both of these census records are alive
and well. The SIG can obtain copies of them, or the data >from them. All it
takes is money, money, money - as Joel Grey sang in "Cabaret", money, money,
money makes the world go 'round.

So Jill, and all others interested in BIRZAI, send your check to Litvak SIG,
c/o Peggy Freedman, 245 Dalrymple Road, Atlanta, GA 30328.

P.S. It may take awhile before you see the results but will still be faster
than obtaining results >from the archive.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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