Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Looking for Panevezys Uyezd Coordinator #lithuania


The Witkins are currently putting together a coordinated plan to get the most
coverage of Panevezys uyezd for their combined resources - a number of
different kinds of Jewish community records >from the Kaunas Regional Archives
and a couple of revision lists for towns in that district >from the State
Historical Archives in Vilnius. As soon as this decision is made, it will be
faxed to Vitalija Gircyte, who usually has the order back to us within two
weeks. It takes another two weeks to translate and input the data into a
database format. So all in all the system works well and pretty quickly. Look
at the Catalog of the Jewish Holdings of the Kaunas Archives on our website
<> and let the Witkins know what you are
interested in supporting. This system of ordering is available to dues paying
members of the LitvakSIG.

If you want to "sponsor" (eg buy and pay for translation) a specific list,
which is of most interest to you, send inquiry to to begin the
process of determining the length of lists and costs. But it is important to
coordinate your efforts with the Witkins, who as uyezd coordinators are in the
best place to have learned what is most useful to buy, and what is already on
order, etc.

David Hoffman
Co-Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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