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I have been receiving many inquiries about Kudirkos Naumiestis. Regretfully my
ancestry is not >from KUDIKOS Naumiestis but rather >from ZEMAICIU Naumiestis. I
welcome inquiries about ZEMAICIU Naumiestis.

There were three (Yiddish)Neishtots or (Lithuanian) Naumiestis' in Lithuania.
1. Zemaiciu Naumiestis was called in Yiddish prior to WWII, Neishtot-Tavrig.
Before WWI it was called Neishtot-Sugind. It is near Silute.
2. Kudirkos Naumiestis was called Neishtot-Shaki and Neishtot-Shirvint. It
was on the Prussian border. The Shirvint River separated Neishtot from
Prussia. It is further south than Zemaiciu Naumiestis.
3. Naujamiestis Panevezys was called in Yiddish Neishtot-Panevezys. It is
south of Panevezys.

I hope I have not made this more confusing.

Ben Lesin, M.D.
Encino, CA

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