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The following document is the premier issue of a newsletter concerning the
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Vilna Uyezd Research Group Newsletter - Vol. 1,
No. 1 March 9,1999

Vilna Uyezd Research Group - a branch of the

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David Hoffman Eric Goldstein
Davida Noyek Handler

Vilna Uyezd Research Group

Joel Ratner

In this issue...

I. Vilna Uyezd 1858 Revision List Procurement, Phase 1 - City of Vilna

II Yizkor Book Translation - "Bleter Vegn Vilna" - Volunteers Needed

III 1955 publication "Vilnius"

IV Contributing material to the Newsletter

I Vilna Uyezd 1858 Revision List Procurement, Phase 1 - City of Vilna

The Vilna Uyezd Research Group is proud to announce the initial
procurement of records for the 1858 Revision List for the City of Vilna. This
is the same as the previously announced Mid 19th Century Revision List
Project. The 1858 Revision List will enable most of us searching our ancestors
in the City of Vilna and the shtetls in the rest of the Vilna Uyezd [NOT
gubernia] to expand upon our family trees.

The 1858 Revision List procurement effort was started approximately
one month ago and is already producing results. At this time, the SIG has
received the first shipment of records. These are now being assigned to
translators. At the same time, we have arranged for the procurement of
additional records, expected in another month or so. This procurement will be
ongoing for some time, as will the translation and data entry efforts. We hope
the first few sets of data can become part of the All Lithuania Database in
rather short order. We would also like to present the records at the Seminar
in NYC this summer.

The Vilna Uyezd Research Group is in need of supporters. The
procurement, translation and inputting of these records requires far more
capital than what we have in our coffers. We need everyone to contribute a
little something [green] to this effort. We will also need several major
donors for this project. This will be a huge effort, as the City of Vilna was
the largest of all cities in Lithuania. Our efforts do not stop with the City
of Vilna. We are in the process of determining the records available for the
other shtetls in the Vilna Uyezd for 1858. These include the following -
Boguslaviski, Bystritsa, Gedrovitz, Gelvon, Ilya, Intkurkes, Maishagola,
Mikaliskes, Mitskunai, Moliat, Musnik, Nemenchin, Paberzhe, Redamina,
Rukoiniai, Shirvint, Tsiobikishi, and Verkia. We expect to procure those
records following the Vilna procurement.

To contribute to the Vilna Uyezd Revision List project, please send
all donations [tax-deductible in
USA] to:

Peggy Freedman
LitvakSIG Treasurer
245 Dalrymple Road
Atlanta, GA 30328

Please make out your checks to the LitvakSIG. You must also include the words
"Vilna Uyezd Research
Group" in the memo section of the check so your funds are properly credited to
THIS effort.

A note >from Peggy: The bank we use accepts US dollars, British pounds
sterling, and Canadian
dollars with no charge for exchanging the currency. They do not accept
Israeli shekels or Irish punts.
Members have sent dollar denominated travelers' checks which are easily
obtained in places that tourists

Spring Special - Through the end of April, contributors to the Vilna Uyezd
Research Group 1858 Revision
List Project will receive the following:

Donation level for Vilna 1858 R.L. Project Research
* Lookup
2 surnames [survivors] in Yizkor book B.V.V.**

* Lookup
up to 4 surnames [survivors] in Yizkor book B.V.V.**

* Lookup
one surname in Vsia Vilna [1915 ] property owners of
and up to 4 surnames [survivors] in Yizkor book B.V.V


* - Our hosts prohibit us >from mentioning dollar amounts, so you must contact
us directly to receive the details.

Please notify us at to advise us of your donation. Upon
notification that Peggy has received funds >from a donor, the Research Group
will contact you to discuss your research requests.

** The Yizkor book "Bleter Vegn Vilna" [BVV] contains a 40 page list of
survivors [approx. 800 names] of Vilna.
It also includes information on birthplace, parents, birthdate, address, and
occupation when this information
was supplied.

Vsia Vilna, the business directory for the CITY of Vilna, published in 1915,
is a two volume set of books
in Russian. It contains a Yellow Pages like section [about 350 pages] listing
business names by category. In
many cases, this means listing by a family name. In addition, there are 98
pages of names, by street and
house number of the property owners of the City of Vilna. See Section III,
below for an example.

II Yizkor Book Translation - "Bleter Vegn Vilna" - Volunteers Needed

The Yizkor book "Bleter Vegn Vilna" is in the process of being
translated by a small group of
volunteers. The book contains approximately 75 pages of text of which about
half are already in process. A
40 page listing of survivors has already been transliterated and is now in the
capable hands of Dr. Abe
Peliowski and his father [a native of Vilna], for checking. This listing
contains not only the names but
includes date of birth, parents names, place of birth, occupation, maiden name
if applicable, and names of
relatives including siblings and children.
We have only 40 pages left to find translators for. If you are capable of
translating Yiddish text
and would like to participate in this effort, please contact Joel Ratner at .

III 1955 publication "Vilnius"

A copy of the book "Vilnius", published in Vilna in 1955 has been obtained by
the Research Group. It
consists mostly of full page photographs and depicts various streets and
buildings in the city which may be of interest to
some of you. The late Leyzer Ran explained his thoughts about this book in his
three volume "Jerusalem of Lithuania"
below a photo of the famous Yiddishe Gassl [Jewish Lane]- "Vilnius,
architecture up to the 20th Century,
published by the Lithuanian Office of Ministers, Vilnius: 1955 - 15,000
copies; 1958 - 25,000 copies -
picture No. 58: the famous Jewish lane is the only "object" about which the
authors know nothing, not even
its name".

IV Contributing material to the Newsletter

Anyone with the desire to contribute an article which would be appropriate to
include in the Vilna Uyezd
Research Group Newsletter is welcome to submit it for consideration. The
closing date for the next issue is
March 30. Suggestions for regular columns are welcomed, as is participation in
the preparation of same.
E-mail Joel Ratner with your suggestions.

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