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Maria Krane

Hello Everyone,
I have some METZGER relatives who arrived in the states in the
mid-1880's. However, I am having difficulty finding others researching the
surname METZGER in Lithuania. I couldn't even find the surname in the Beider
book on Russian Jewish surnames. Is this surname a derivation of something
else? I've seen this name a lot with German Jews but am not having luck with
Litvaks. Someone once told me that butchers were given the name METZGER.
Sorry if it sounds strange but I'm pulling at straws. If anyone knows where I
might find some information on this surname (that is of Lithuanian extract)
please let me know. We never heard that the family emigrated >from any where
else to Lithuania. Many thanks.
Maria Krane
Pembroke Pines, Fl.
Salakas both in Lithuania and HOFFMAN/RACHMAN in Svir, Belarus.

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