Izak-Fischel from Podkamen area #galicia

Israel P <isai8v10@...>

Time to post this again. It's been nearly two years and no takers.

I have come to the almost certain conclusion that my great-grandfather was
Pickholz >from his mother, who came >from Skalat. She and her husband Izak-
Fischel had their children in Podkamen ( the one just south of Brody, 4956 2519)
about 1843-1853.

The problem is, I have no idea what Izak-Fischel's surname was and there are no
Podkamen records to search.

So if anyone has ever run across anyone named Izak-Fischel >from Podkamen or
thereabouts, no matter what time period, I'd like to hear >from you. Perhaps we
have something to talk about.

Israel Pickholtz

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