New One-Step Feature on the EIDB for finding ships #galicia

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

Subject: Ship Arrivals into Ellis Island

I've just learned that Steve Morse now has a complete list of all the
ship arrivals into Ellis Island for the years covered by the EIDB (1892
to 1924). This list was just completed a few weeks ago. For each ship
it gives the microfilm roll and the date of arrival. Furthermore, for
many of the arrivals it even gives the starting frame number for the
ship. This list can be accessed >from his webpage at

from this webpage you can quickly get to the manifests for any ship if
you know the name of the ship and the approximate date of arrival.

Steve informed me that he has a team of volunteers who are continuing to
add frame numbers to the list so that eventually he'll have the frame
number for every ship arrival.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Steve directly.
His e-mail address is at the top of his webpage.

- Diane Jacobs
New York

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