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During the last couple of weeks there has been several references to books
that could be used as sources of information.

I came across The Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry by Rabbi Ephraim Oshry,
published by the Judaica Press in 1995. It has a long list of names in the
index, pictures, and short histories of several of the larger towns in

I thought I found something unique, but this book was mentioned previously.
I found it was discussed in 1996 by using the discussion group archives, but
would never have found that if the book was not discovered first.

Linda Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY


PRESS and SCHNEIDER in Viduklah and Kaunas
COHEN/KAGAN in Oshmyany and Vilna
KOSOFSKY in Stuchin/Szczuczyn/Shchuchyn/Scucyn

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