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Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

By sheer detective work I was able to find last week while looking through
Emigration >from the Russian Empire, the passenger ship listing for my
greatgrandparents , Julian & Anna Singman, and their seven children listed
the name SCHUMKAV. For months I have checked databases, written e-mail,
and found nothing under the name Singman. Knowing only that my grandfather
told me he had come during the blizzard of '88 (he remembered this because
the snow was so high he had to be carried by his father), and assuming the
surname had been changed after their arrival, I began working backwards from
March 3l '88, looking only at names of households with three or more
I found them under ship arrivals for March 15 on The Queen >from Liverpool.
It is
probable that that came >from Vilna or Vilna Gubernia.

Now I am looking for information as to the origin of the name SCHUMKAV,
various spellings and pronunciations and anyone who may know of others
with this surname or something similar.

Myself and the entire extended Singman family would appreciate any help
with this surname which was unknown, for over 110 years, to all the family
until last week.

Thank you.
Diane Jacobs

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