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I wife's maternal grandmother was an Olkenitzkty. This family's history is
recorded >from Voronova, in Belarus. Obviously, they originated in Olkenik
but they were in Voronova (Werenow) at least >from the late 1700's.

I do know that the Ghetto Fighters House, Beit Lohamei Haghetaot, Doar Na
Asheret, 26220, Israel had an an exhibit on the shtetl Olkenik in one of
their rooms when I visited there several years ago. Many pictures were
included: one of them being someone who married into our family. There must have been a lot of supporting information that went into the exhibit so that I am sure that they could help with information on the town.

There is also a Yizkor book on Olkenik, "Ha-ayara be leahavot zikaron lekhilat Olkenik pelekh Vilna" (Olkeniki in Flames, a Memorial Book) Published by the Association of Former Residents of Olkeniki & Surroundings. This was published in 1962 with portions in Yiddish and Hebrew. In NYC YIVO has a copy and I am sure that there are copies in other major Jewish Libraries

Good Luck

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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