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Dear Fellow Aus-Boh Siggers

This is to reintroduce myself, which is odd, as I am a fairly new member to
this site. I feel this is a misseing persons report as much as anything

My parents came to the U.S. separately and met in New York. My father was
from Fehertemplom and was neither Jewish nor >from the SIG area. My mother
was born in Budapest and her maiden name was PODVINECZ. My mother and her
family in the U.S. never acknowledged being Jewish. Nor was there ever any
mention of relatives left behind. We had cousins in Texas and there was a
mysterious uncle Fred in Connecticutt, whose family name was Moskvics. Of
course, nobody understood how we were related.

So it is only after the death of all of my immediate family that I have
dscovered my ancestry and Jewish heritage. Actually I have spent virtually
all of my time in the past two years searching for my roots.

The family of PODWINETZ originates in the town of Mlada Boleslav (Jung
Bunzlau) in Bohemia.
The first generations are murky, but I believe there were three brothers and
one sister who were born within a few years of one another and lived in the
same house, #13, according to the 1793 census.

Veit Beer, the eldest, had a wife named Rebekah and they had two daughters,
Sara and Rachel. Sara married Seligman HAUROWITZ in 1797. They had three
sons, Jacob, who married Rebekah KOHN, David, who received permission to
marry in 1832, and Littmann/Rubin who married in 1838. I am interested in
finding their descendants.
Rachel, the second daughter was born around 1779 and married Abraham GOETZL
on the 8th of November 1800. They had two surviving sons, Joachim born in
1805 and Jakob, born in 1814. Presumably there were daughters also. I am
interested in these descendants also. (One of the great mysteries of
paleography is how a name which appears to be “GLOYN” becomes GOETZEL)

Joseph Podwintz and his wife Regina had two sons, neither of whom appeared
to marry, and who were named Isack and Moses. His daughter Susana, born
around 1785, married Abraham GOLDBERG in Mlada Boleslav on the 21st of
November 1805. They had at least six sons born between 1807 and 1826. I am
interested in these descents as well.

All of the known PODWINETZ male line descendants are the issue of Juda
PODWINETZ and his wife Eva KISH. (There is a question regarding this
marriage – the Familien books are clear about the name of the wife but other
doucments are not). They had but one known child, Daniel who married on the
12th of July 1807 to Libussa ROSSLER. She was the daughter of Abraham
ROSSLER and his wife Esther. Daniel and Libussa had at least eleven
children, of whom there were four daughters of whom one died in childhood
and the other three, Franceska, Marie and Lisbert disappear in the mist.

The third and fourth sons of Daniel and Libussa, Loewy or Lipot, and
Jonathan, went to Baja in Hungary where they married and had 14 children,
between them. >from Jonathan descend the families that settled in Yugoslavia
and emigrated to the U.S. and Switzerland. This fmaily includes a number of
Doctors, Artists, Educators and Musicians.

Daniel had two other sons who also probably went to Hungary, Wolf, or Adolf
and Abraham. Adolf married Amalia BRUMMEL and they had at least four
children. >from this descent comes one son and one grandson who went to the
U.S. and changed their name to JOHNSON and disappeared. Max PODWINETZ the
eldest son of Wolf, married in Vienna in 1882 to Friederike KAISER. They
went to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. She died and he had two subsequent
marriages which produced nine children. He was a beer brewer.
His nephew, Alexander also went to the U.S. and changed his name to JOHNSON
as well. He entered the U.S. Army and retired as a Colonel. He was
involved in the Pancho Villa business in Arizona where he met and married
his wife. Interestingly for a U.S. Army officer he named his eldest son,
born in 1916, Francis Joseph.
Adolf and Amalia had another son, Ludwig, who also ended up in Vienna. He
was a locksmith but grew his company into an engineering firm. He married
Regine SCHILLER in 1888, she was the daughter of Nathan SCHILLER and Amalia
OBERLANDER. They had three children, including Margarete who renounced her
faith in 1915. Her sister Stella married Robert BUSCH son of Salomon BUSCH
and Helene BUCHBINDER. She disappeared during the Shoah. The son of Ludwig
and Regine, Franz Hans became a Lutheran and emigrated to England in 1938.
He never showed up, but someone named Johanna did. There is no further
trace of these persons.

Daniel and Libussa had three sons who remained in Bohemia, and who married.
Markus married Mariam POSSELBERG and their two sons Leopold and Ludwig
married and had descendants. The son of Ludwig, Hugo, moved to Vienna and
left his religion. He married Bertha KAISER in Vienna in 1880. She was
the doaughter of Vladislaus KOPACZ and Anna KAISER. They had two children
named Erika and Walter. Walter was an art dealer and died in 1992. Erika
married a man named HEMETSBERGER. I am seeking information about this
family which is not Jewish.

Israel the second son of Daniel, was a glaser and received the right to
marry. He apparently married a woman named Veronika around 1841. There is
no record of their having offspring. He died in 1884 and she in 1894.

Solomon, the tenth child and sixth son of Daniel and Libussa was a rabbi.
He exercised this function in a number of towns, including Wolin (Volyne)
where he was rabbi >from 1870-72. He married Barbara BAUMER and they had at
least six children. As they moved so much it is impossible to know how
many they actually had. The eldest, Friederich was born in Unternetzno in
1857 and was a Doctor of Law. He married and divorced in Kolin. Emil, born
in 1858 emigrated to Vienna where he left two daughters, one of whom
renounced her religion and the other died in the Shoah.
Rudolf, the third son of Solomon, married Martha PORIAS. Rudolf was station
master at Golsch Jenikow >from where he and his wife were taken to
Thersienstadt. They had three sons and a daughter all of whom were in the
Shoah. One son survived and emigrated to Australia where there are
descendants living today. Otto, the last known son of Solomon, was born in
Zbraslav in 1875. He married Camilla NEUMANN in Prague in 1906 and they had
at least one son in 1907, a medical doctor said by Charles University to
have “emigrated” in 1939.

There are several other PODVINEC members in the Czech Republic that are
unaccounted for. Anyone having any information about any of the fmailies
mentioned here would be kind enough to relay this information to me. Thank

Peter G. Bakos
Sarasota, Florida
Budapest, Hungary

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