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The discussion in the Digest for Thursday, March 16, 2000. detailing the
format of metrical records was most informative. A follow on question:

Are these several metrical records, in separate log books. linked in some
fashion. i.e. does finding a specific individual in a Tax list make it
possible for the archives to extend >from this record to other records such
as birth, marriages, etc ?

I'll take a shot at metrical records, which were used in Litvakland under
the Russian Empire. The records were kept in log books. For example, I
obtained records >from the Lithuanian State Historical Archives (LVIA) that
were copied >from separate books of births, marriages, deaths, for the
Panevezys Jewish community. A stamp on the outside of the copy of one
record has lines for Fondas, Aprasas, Metai, Byla, and Lapas, and
underneath is written Panevezys.

This corresponds to the Russian Empire's archival system which is
different >from ours. They used fond (a record group), opus (an inventory
number) and delo (item number) to file everything. If you have the fond,
opus and delo numbers, any archivist can find the original document in the
archives. The numbers on a particular record that I received were Fondas
(fond)1226, Aprasas (opus) 1, Metai 1885 (the year of the record), Byla
(delo)1309, Lapas 196 #86. The latter information tells what page and line
my particular record is located. This is verifiable by looking on the copy
of the log sheet itself, where the page number is stamped in the upper
right corner and the line is numbered on the left side of each half of the
log sheet.

Morton & Esther Cohen
Rochester NY

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