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Louis Zetler <zetler@...>

Can anyone assist me with info about Aharon NAMIOT who died in Vilnius
(Vilna) in 1934? He was born in Zhetl, Belarus in about 1877.
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Louis Zetler
Searching: ZETLER >from Zhetl, Belarus, Argentina, Baranovich, USA;
NAMIOT >from Zhetl, Belarus;
CHAIT >from Birzh;
ISAACS >from Saukenai;
GORONOVSKY >from Slonim;
GOLDBERG >from Dorpat, Estonia;
ZETS >from "Nishkaiz";
SUGAR >from Zborow, Poland & Hull, England;
SUNTOTSKY >from Wiesenberg, Ukraine & Jonava, Lithuania

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