Yizkor book #galicia

Howard Verb <HVerb@...>

I'd like to share something which happened to me. Please forgive me if it
is old news. I had been searching for the Sasov Yizkor book for several
years. I called bookstores in Israel, England, and the US, and also sent
emails everywhere. I could not find nor buy a copy of the book.

Last summer I visited Yad Vashem and inquired about the book. It was too
late to see it as it was locked up downstairs, but they gave me a name and
address to contact there. When I got home, I emailed and they offered (and
I accepted) to copy the book and send it to me for $10!

I now have a copy of the book as well as another book mentioning Sasov,
also >from Yad Vashem, and would be happy to share the pertinent information
with any fo you. Good investigating and best regards, Howard Verb

researching BRENNER, WANDER, MERKATZ, ZWERDLING >from Sasov/Zolochev

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