ViewMate photo ID/dating: girl with hoop, late 1800s/very early 1900s #galicia

Arielle K. Masters VM4174

I suspect it's a photo of my great-grandmother, her mother, or one of
their close relatives - there's a resemblance. Problem is, none of my
living relatives agrees with me, nor does any of them have a clue who it
is. AFAIK, there isn't even a studio mark, let alone an inscription.
Knowing whether it was taken ca.1870 vs. 1890 vs. 1910 would really
help. And if you recognize her (him?), bonus!

About how old do you think the girl is? I was guessing 5-6 because she
photographs about like my daughter. If this is about the right age, and
the photo is >from about 1900 +- a very few years, it'd be my GGM (and I
wouldn't be surprised if it was a copy of a photo to be sent back to the
relatives who hadn't come to NY). Or it could be a photo of someone
left behind... Or my GGM's much younger sister...

Oh - yes, it looks like she's wearing earrings in this scan, but my
grandparents have the original photo and they're across the country >from
me so I can't take a better look.

Arielle Masters
Oak Hill, NoVA, USA

Cc: my grandparents

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