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Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

I read the report fo Kaunas Archivist Vitalija Girchyte with my mouth open
waiting to read that many of these Rabbi's lists have been found, translated and collated and hoping that I would be able to find some of my Lithuanian ancestors on them ......but no mention of this was made.

Have they been translated. collated, and are they available to us? Please
can someone explain further. Thanks.

Rica B Goldberg, Manchester, England.

Still researching

1) KAMINSKY (KAMENSHCHIK) >from Yanova ( Jonava) nr Kovno, Lithuania
2) DIAMOND (possibly DIMONT or DIAMONT) >from Kovno, Lithuania; 3) Newman, Emannuel, Rachel & Esther LEVY and their parents Chana & Yehuda LEV >from KROSNIEWICE in Poland; 4) Isaac & Rebecca COHEN - a tailor and tailoress >from Poland; 5) Chaim and Rebecca ESTRY - a glazier >from Poland; 6) GOLDBERG (possibly SCHELENGER or in Yiddish SCHLUZITSIL) >from Kovno, Lithuania; 7) BERLINSKY >from ???

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