Introduction: KUSSY, ABELES, AREND, LOWY, KOHN #austria-czech


I have been working on my family's genealogy for about 30 years.
Fortunately, we have had some very good documentation. Those who came to the
U.S. in the mid-1800's kept in close touch with the European relatives and
had no need to forget the past. One of my cousins, Sarah Kussy (1869-1956)
wrote extensively about the family and gave me a good starting point.

The families I am researching are very intermarried.
1. David ABELES (Petrovice), died 1889, married Eva KUSSY (either
Krashowitz or Scheles) died 1899. They had 7 children. 3 came to the U.S.
The other 4 and most of their offspring died in the Holocaust. David had a
brother, Reuben, b. about 1833 who emigrated to the U.S. I would be interested
in any further information on the parents or siblings of David and Reuben.
Some Abeles family members changed their name to AREND sometime after WWI.
2. Nathan KUSSY, b., about 1799 in Kraschowitz married Schadel Leah ZEIMER,
b. about 1800, Prague. The Kussy family lived in Prasne Ujezd, Krashowitz,
and Scheles, now Zihle. They had 8 children, most of whose descendents died
in the Holocaust. One of their sons, Gustav, emigrated to the U.S.
3. Jacob KOHN and his family came >from Portazanka, Bohemia and married into
the Kussy and Abeles families.
4. Joachim LOWY of Floehau, Czechoslovakia married Celia ABELES. They were
my great grandparents. Joachim died in 1922. I know nothing about his
parents or siblings and would appreciate any help on this.

Susan Lowy Lubow
Morristown, NJ

ABELES and AREND: Petrovice, Rakonitz, Prague
KUSSY, KUSY, KUSSI: Prasne Ujezd, Krashowitz, Zihle, Prague
KOHN: Portazanka, Kamalleshin
LOWY: Floehau, Teplitz, Prague

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