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Thanks to Brian for his excellent history of the fort. If anyone has ANY
information on Przemysl or Jews in the Austrian army, please email me
directly - - David R. Semmel:

Some more WWI Przemysl Fort history:

Soon after the war started, in early September 1914, Lemberg fell to the
Russians and both refugees and soldiers (4 of Affenberg's army corps) fled
west to Przemysl. The fort's Austrian commander, Kusmanek, allowed over
200,000 people to stay in Przemysl (normal population ~50k). If you could
show you had 3 months of supplies (food!) you could stay. By October, food
supplies were almost gone. Most people with money fled the town ahead of the
Russian advance. (My grand mother and most of her family stayed). Kusmanek
surrendered the town (after blowing up much of the fort system) on March 22,
'15 to Selivanov. The Russians issued orders expelling the Jews from
Przemysl in May after running out of supplies themselves, but the Germans
assembled a huge army (the XIth) with 10 divisions and 1500 pieces of heavy
artillery. (twice the caliber of anything the Russians had!) and on June 3
they retook Przemysl with the Russians in full retreat.

I have been looking for information on the Jews in the Austrian army as my
grand father (Emil Silberman) was one. What I do know is that Przemysl
produced 4 infantry, 3 artillery and several specialty regiments >from the
August conscription. What I would love to know is if any one was
specifically Jewish.

Soon after the German retaking of Przemysl, most of the troops (including my
GF) were xfered to the Italian front and the many battles of Izono and

David Semel

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