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I was extremely surprised recently while speaking to an older cousin to
learn that my uncle, YUDEL YEZERSKI, of Vilno, Poland, survived WWII, only to
be accidentally shot by Russian troops in 1945. His wife's name was Pessel,
and they had a son, name unknown, who was brought over to the US after the
war to join the family that was living in NH.
Apparently, NH was not to her liking, so she and her son moved to New
York City. She remarried and the family lost all contact. I am now trying to
find the son, who would be in his mid 50's. I realize that this is not a lot
of information to go on but if any of this story sounds familiar to anyone
would you please contact me privately.
Any suggestions would also be appreciated. A happy and healthy New Year
to all.

Fred Klein
N. Falmouth, MA

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