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Dear Genners:

My Husband and I are thrilled to announce that having the good fortune to
stumble upon a second and final copy of the above book, we have just placed
it on JewishGen's auction site. It may be viewed at the following URL

This is a FIRST EDITION 818 page nine century saga of Eastern European Jewry.
Dr. Eliach's research took her >from family attics on six continents to state
archives no scholar had seen since the start of the cold war.

PBS is airing "There once was a town" Reopens a door to history. Survivors
Return to their childhood a Half-Century After the holocaust 1941 Nazis
invaded the small town of Eishyshok, Poland (now Lithuania) and brutally
murdered nearly all 3,500 Jewish residents. There Once Was a Town chronicles
the remarkable journey of four survivors and their families to their
childhood home 56 years after the massacre. The 90-minute documentary, airs
nationwide on Sunday, October 1, 2000, at 10pm ET. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR

May you all be inscribed and sealed for a sweet, happy, healthy and
prosperous year.

Happy New Year,

Jerry & Bobbi Cohen

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