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Welcome to so many new members of our LitvakSIG family. It's really
heartwarming to see the daily growth of the readership on our LitvakSIG
Digest, and the additional "hits" to the All Lithuania Database (ALD). Because of the increased traffic, perhaps its time to tell everyone again how we create and present this database.

1) The hard copies of Lithuanian records that we purchase are financed by
those who contribute $100 or more toward our records acquisitions' funds through uezd (district) research groups.

2) Once we receive the hard copy, this data is translated, proofed, and
input into an Excel format.

3) It is then transmitted to donors for a "sneak peek" several months before it is included in the ALD, so that they can study and analyze the data, and even sort the various fields in the Excel file to discover family connections.

4) After inclusion in the ALD, the data is then freely accessible to anyone searching the website. Researchers finding information related to their families, can then contact either the Kaunas Regional Archives, or the State Historical Archives in Vilnius, to order further records. We make this very easy by including the citations for archive, file, and inventory number for all records included. In some instances, records may have come >from YIVO in New York, and the numbers and files are indicated on these also.

We are grateful to JRI-Poland for their assistance and advice while getting
started, back in 1997.

We are grateful to JewishGen for hosting the ALD, and for all the hard work
involved in implementing the format.

We are grateful to all of the inputters and proofers, who are responsible for the final "cleanup" before sending to the ALD.

We are grateful to our uezd (district) coordinators, who have spearheaded the efforts to make the acquisition and translation of these records possible.

And we are grateful to our generous donors, without whom none of these
records could be purchased or translated, and then made freely available to
all researchers.

We look forward to the continued growth of the ALD - which should reach the 500,000 mark early next year.

Davida Noyek Handler
President, LitvakSIG


- NW LITHUANIA and worldwide.

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