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Do you have a need for analysis or translations of book titles, letters
or gravestone photos? Do you have questions about old family photos,
maps or book pages? ViewMate is JewishGen's newest tool, designed to
supplement the written query, and help you to solve graphic riddles.
Here is an example of how it works. Follow along now with Jack, our

Jack finds an unidentified family photo with an inscription on the back,
written in what appears to be Hebrew script.

He scans it on his home PC system, creating a graphic file.

Then he goes to the ViewMate (VM) website. Using the easy upload feature,
he uploads his graphic file to VM. Jack soon receives an e-mail
confirmation with a file number.

He then posts a notice to the JewishGen Discussion Group (or SIG of his
choice) stating that he has uploaded a photo to VM. He requests someone
knowledgeable in Hebrew to visit the VM website, view his graphic
(File No. X) and translate it for him.

An eager reader will be quick to provide feedback. Eager reader responds
with translation. Riddle solved. Jack adds new info to his tree.

Its as easy as 1-2-3.
1- Scan on your home PC system.
2- Upload to ViewMate.
3- Request feedback.

You are invited to visit us today to make use of this newest JewishGen
tool. The site has FAQ and full instructions.

ViewMate website:

Original concept: Bernard I. Kouchel
Programmer: Josef A. Herz
Webmaster: Josef A. Herz

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