Gesher Galicia and JRI-Poland Matching Grants to JRI-Poland Galician Projects #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero

Dear Galicia Researchers,

The Gesher Galicia Steering Committee (GGSC) is pleased to announce that Gesher
Galicia (GG) has designated two grants for Galician projects in conjunction with Jewish
Records Indexing-Poland (JRI-Poland).

With the first grant, five Eastern Galicia towns of the JRI-Poland AGAD Archives PSA
Project are now fully funded. They are Grodek Jagiellonski, Horodenka, Kolomyja, Rawa
Ruska, and Stryj. This funding was made possible by a contribution >from the GG Research
Grants Program, with matching funds contributed through JRI-Poland.

The GGSC's commitment to its research grant program has now helped 23 AGAD towns to
become fully funded. There now remain only 15 of the original 87 AGAD towns which have
not yet achieved their financial goals, including Lwow. For those researchers interested in
Lwow, the Lwow indexing projects have another source of matching funds and ALL
contributions to Lwow will continue to be matched dollar for dollar. Therefore, Lwow is NOT
included in this limited matching grants program.


The second GG research grant, also in conjunction with JRI-Poland, will match contributions
from interested researchers to both the remaining AGAD towns (except Lwow) and/or town
indexing projects in the Krakow, Przemysl, Sanok, and Tarnow PSA Archives.

The 14 remaining towns of the AGAD (Galician towns) PSA project include
Brzezany, Jaworow, Kosow, Krakowiec, Krzywcze, Mielnica, Mosciska, Olesko, Rudki,
Sokal, Tartakow, Uhnow, Zniesienie, Zolkiew.

The indexing projects in the Krakow (Bochnia, Krakow, Ksiasz Wielkie, Miechow, Nowy
Wisnicz, Podgorze, and Zablocie), Przemysl (Radymno), Sanok (Brzozow and Sanok), and
Tarnow (Dabrowa, Szczucin, Tarnow, Wosnicz, and Zabno) PSA Archives are not yet fully
funded. Some of these are just getting started.

Gesher Galicia and JRI-Poland have teamed up to help these towns meet their financial
goals. Both GG and JRI-Poland will match all contributions received by JRI-Poland, subject
to the following conditions. In effect, your contribution to any one of the Galician PSA
projects (except the AGAD-Lwow project) will result in additional contributions of two times
your donation. Both GG and JRI-Poland will match contributions up to a total amount of
$2000. There is a limit to the dollar amount of contributions to be matched for any one town,
which is 1/3 of the amount needed for that town to become fully funded or $500, whichever
is less.

For example, the fundraising target for Tarnow is $1700 and $1073 has already been
raised. The balance to fully fund the town is $627. If $209 is contributed, Tarnow will
receive two matching fund grants of $209 >from Gesher Galicia and JRI-Poland, totaling
$418. Tarnow will then be fully funded and those records can be indexed.

Information on the funding status and archive coordinators for these projects is available
at Select the archive project, look for an
e-mail link to your town, and contact your archive coordinator for more information. If there
is no archive coordinator, please contact Mark Halpern at

Information on contributing to the indexing of your Galician town's records is available at Be sure to communicate for which project(s) your
contribution is intended. We remind U.S. contributors that JRI-Poland is an independent
non-profit U.S. tax-exempt organization - so your contributions are tax deductible.

The record indices contained in the JRI-Poland database would not be accessible to
researchers without our host, JewishGen. In addition to your contribution to the JRI-Poland
Galician Projects for the indexing of the records, we hope you will also give to JewishGen
to help defray the cost of maintaining these records online. For contributions to JewishGen
on behalf of these JRI-Poland Galician projects, please use the easily accessible
contribution form at

For more information about the Gesher Galicia Research Grants Program, please contact
Pamela Weisberger, Research Coordinator, at


Shelley K. Pollero, Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

Pamela Weisberger, Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, California

Mark Halpern, AGAD Archive Coordinator, JRI-Poland
West Chester, Pennsylvania

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