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I have discovered a Movsha Peyzner, age 32, Father's name Ber, in an
Additional Revision List. This shows him living in Zagare (Town),
Siauliai (Uyezd), Kaunas (Guberniya) on 16 March 1866.

I think that this person is my great-grandfather but need to discover
the names of his children, particularly whether he had a child named
Tsvi (my grandfather) in 1869. The Lithuanian State Historical Archives
and Kaunas Regional Archives are unable to help. This family does not
appear on any other Revision List and no vital records survive. The
Mormon Family History Centre similarly has no information and enquiries
in the UK and elsewhere have always been unsuccessful.

1. Does anyone recognise this person or family?

2. Can you suggest any other lines of enquiry apart >from contacting
everyone researching the name Posner, which I intend to do? I
wonder whether I have reached the end of the line.

Brian Posner

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